Magical Appeal of Olympos in Turkey

Europe - Editor - 09 July 2008

Magical Appeal of Olympos in Turkey

Olympos, also spelled Olimpos, is one of the most picturesque destinations in Turkey and is located in the Olympos Coastal National Park. A mere eighty kilometers from Antalya, visitors are able to reach this beautiful village by car or bus, and it is a popular destination amongst backpackers and tourists. For some, it usually starts off as just an overnight stay, but after the village has cast its spell of tranquility, peace and natural wonder over travelers, most of them end up staying a little longer than expected.

Olympos was once a bustling ocean town, and residence of the town can be traced back to the first and second century through the coins that have been excavated in the area. It has also been documented that the village had been overrun by many, including the Cilician pirates, the Roman Empire, the Genoese, Rhodians and the Venetians, but by the fifteenth century, the village was mostly abandoned.

Today it is still overrun and invaded, but by friendly faces looking for a quiet and peaceful hideaway from everyday life. The magnificent forests, sandy beach and the gentle waves that run onto the shore, transform the little village into a magical world of inspiration, imagination and relaxation. It is rated amongst the most popular destinations in Turkey, for these qualities. Then there are the famous tree house accommodations that lure visitors to Olympos. It is not every day that one has the opportunity to live in a tree, with all the small luxuries expected from holiday accommodation.

The landscapes surrounding Olympos are decorated with massive trees, wild grapevines, fruit trees and breathtaking flowers. Cliffs that loom over the ocean attract rock climbing enthusiasts and those who love to explore nature often enjoy activities such as canyoning, hiking or trekking. The village also offers sea kayaking and boating trips out into the deep blue oceans. The ancient ruins of the Lycian city that once stood proudly amidst the beauty of the region are worth the visit, as is the spectacular natural wonder, The Chimera. Situated against the mountain, near Cirali, the eternal flame, which is fueled by natural methane gasses from the earth, burns continuously and could be seen by the ships in earlier times. Although it is not as big as it was, seeing the flames dance that could be seen centuries ago is quite an experience. It derives its name from a mythical beast named Chimaera, who’s mouth spilled fire when opened.

Olympos is a wonderful destination that is filled with legends, history and a beauty that increases as the years go by. Many a traveler has enjoyed the splendor of this extraordinary village and a holiday in Turkey would not be complete, without a visit to the exquisite Olympos.


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