Majorca Spain - One of Europe's Most Popular Destinations

Europe - Editor - 15 November 2006

Majorca Spain - One of Europe's Most Popular Destinations

Mallorca, also known as Majorca, is the biggest among the Balearic Islands of Spain. This beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, particularly among the Germans and the British. In fact there are so many packages with direct flights to Mallorca organized from both Germany and England that it is the most economical and convenient way of getting there.

Palma is the largest city on the island and it is the best place to get on to a bus that will take you to other parts of the island. Surrounded by pristine beaches lapped by the brilliant waters of the Mediterranean, Mallorca is a beachcomber's paradise. Despite the fact that it is such a popular all year round tourist resort, it is still possible to find a hidden beach tucked away in a corner of the island. Some of them are so secluded that there are no hotels in the vicinity as yet.

Mallorca is much more than just beaches; agriculture or rural tourism is catching on in a big way. The interiors of the island are farming country and many farmers are now letting out space in their homes to tourists who wish to experience rural life. Farmers who are not doing as well as before have converted barns into living areas and rent them out to tourists. The meals are simple and made from whatever is available locally so very fresh.

Similarly large country estates have opened their ancient gates and let foreigners into their gracious old homes for an unforgettable experience. You stay as a welcome guest of the family and interact with the hosts closely, making it a learning experience of a lifetime. They are made to feel so welcome that many tourists return year after year and are now more friends than paying guests.

The northeast of the island as well as the western edge culminate in ridges of mountains. Hiking and biking are popular pastimes in the region. The unspoiled region offers unforgettable panoramic views of the entire island and the azure Mediterranean Sea all around.


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