Mandai Orchid Garden

Asia - Editor - 14 April 2010

Mandai Orchid Garden

One of the main attractions in Singapore is a location that is filled with beauty and tranquility. It began with the founding of the Orchid Society of Southeast Asia, by John Laycock, who also founded the Mandai Orchid Garden in 1951. His collection of orchids began to grow so rapidly that he was forced to lease an additional piece of land, growing the Mandai Orchid Garden into a fragrant and colorful masterpiece. Even though World War II took its toll on the garden, some of his original plants can still be seen.

Not only did Laycock create an exclusive collection of orchids, but he established a successful commercial cut flower growing division that is still in use today. Visitors to the Mandai Orchid Garden will be able to marvel at massive orchid beds that blanket the endless hillsides of the garden and many other new features that have been added to the gardens, including the dining area, water garden, fruit orchard, spice enclosure and organic herb garden. The Vintage Garden is yet another breathtaking attraction of the Mandai Orchid Garden where orchids such as Aranda, Mokara and Aranthera make up the variety of over two hundred orchids found in this area. In the fruit orchards visitors will find numerous exotic trees such as jackfruit, Japanese apples and rambutan. But the gardens are not just home to flowers and fruit trees, as trees such as the bottle brush and fiscus have attracted many bird species, including sunbirds and little spiderhunters that feast on the nectar produced by some tree species.

Visitors will also be able to gain valuable knowledge and insight into orchids by participating in the Orchid Garden Tour. This tour takes approximately thirty minutes to complete and allows visitors a glimpse into the orchid industry, which includes the different types of orchids that can be found in Singapore, cut flower production and care, vintage orchids, orchid pollination and the maintaining of the pot plant production. The Mandai Orchid Garden began as one man’s passion and developed into an attraction, place of refuge from the city and an unmatched beauty that is being conserved for future generations to appreciate.


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