Africa's Beautiful Island of Mauritius

Africa - Editor - 22 November 2006

Africa's Beautiful Island of Mauritius

One visit to Mauritius and you will fall madly in love with it forever. A spectacularly beautiful island off the southeastern coast of Africa, Mauritius lies to the east of Madagascar. The sugar white sands of the wide beaches are lapped by clear aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean. The island is surrounded by lagoons protected by coral reefs.

It certainly is a dream vacation destination with pristine shores and low prices. Being in the southern hemisphere the winter falls between June and September and is a delightful time of the year. This is a tropical paradise at a bargain price.

The island is undoubtedly beautiful but the people are equally gentle and charming. Several ethnic races live here in harmony and the culture is blend of Hindu, Muslim, Chinese, European and Creole. They celebrate important Hindu, Muslim and other festivals with equal enthusiasm and most of them are bilingual, speaking both French and English. The common language one hears in the street is a mixture of French and Creole. The local cuisine too is a mixture of all varieties and one can literally sample every kind of world cuisine here.

There is enough to do on a vacation on the island so as not to get bored, but not too much that there is no time to relax! Deep sea fishing is probably the most popular vacation sport in Mauritius. Most hotels organize boat hire and one can try one's luck for blue or black marlin, yellow tuna, the Bonitos and other delights.

Mauritius boasts of three eighteen-holes golf courses and several smaller ones. Can you think of a better way of passing time on a vacation by the sea? Spas are rapidly gaining popularity in Mauritius and one can enjoy rejuvenating therapies from experts in ancient techniques.

The Sewoosagar Ramagoolam Botanical Gardens are a shady retreat within the island and home to hundreds of exotic plants. There is an amazing collection of palms including the stubby bottle palms, graceful royal palms and talipot palms, which flower only once after forty years and die. The focal point is the pond of giant Victoria regia water lilies, native to the Amazon, with leaves that unfold into the classic tea-tray shape up to 2m across.


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