Mysore Palace in India

Asia - Editor - 05 January 2010

Mysore Palace in India

It is Sunday evening and in the glow of orange lighting the magnificent Mysore Palace showcases its beauty and breathtaking architecture. Visitors to the southern city of Mysore in India will only be able to see this magical sight on Sunday evenings and on special occasions, as this spectacular attraction is usually cloaked in the darkness of night during the week. But it remains an inspiring sight, even during the day, and visitors to India should ensure that the Mysore Palace is on their itinerary, as it is a noteworthy attraction that flaunts its inside and out.

The Mysore Palace is a wonderful building that was completed in the year 1912, after being commissioned some years earlier in 1897. The palace has taken many forms over the years during the extensive rule of the Wodeyar dynasty. The first palace was constructed some time during the fourteenth century, but after sustaining lightening damage in 1638, it was not only repaired but additions were made to the palace. After falling into disrepair during the eighteenth century, it was decided to demolish the old palace and build a new structure. The new palace, which was built in 1803, was later destroyed by fire in 1897. This led to construction of the palace seen today.

The architectural style of the Mysore Palace is combination of Muslim, Gothic, Hindu and Rajput influences and is therefore said to be constructed in an Indo-Saracenic style. The exterior of the building boasts a three storey stone structure and breathtaking marble domes. The central arch is decorated with beautiful goddess sculptures, whilst inside the building splendor awaits. Some of the most wonderful rooms in the palace include the Ambavilasa, where the king held private audiences; the Doll’s Pavillion, which is home to massive doll collections; and the Kalyana (Marriage Hall). Other structures to look forward to within the complex included no less than twelve Hindu temples, the Public Dunbar, the Royal Wedding Hall and the Armory. The Mysore Palace is a magnificent attraction to explore, as it is steeped in history, legend and royalty.


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