New York City's Historic Richmond Town

North America - Editor - 06 February 2009

New York City's Historic Richmond Town

It goes without saying that New York City has an endless array of interesting sights and attractions. However Historic Richmond Town is an attraction with a difference. This is a place where history comes alive, making it very appealing to both young and old.

Historic Richmond Town in New York City is a living history museum and village complex which is designed to help visitors explore the history of Staten Island and its neighboring communities through the ages, starting with the colonial period. It is located at 441 Clarke Avenue on Staten Island and is relatively easy to find. That is not surprising considering that the complex is spread out over a 100-acre site, 25 of which are occupied by the historical village with at least 15 restored buildings. Here you will find carefully renovated homes, commercial buildings and civic buildings. The museum building is also a sight to behold. However what makes a visit to Historic Richmond Town really appealing is the fact that it is a living history museum – that is, a place where history is brought to life through the efforts of voluntary professionals who dress and act the part to give you a real feel for what it must have been like to live so long ago. Some of these individuals take you and your family and friends on a guided tour and will give you detailed and interesting information on the sorts of activities that went on in the daily lives of people living in the colonial period. Historic Richmond Town in New York City covers, not only the colonial period of the area’s history, but the 300 years of history since!

As visitors explore the buildings at the museum, they will see historically furnished interiors that further add to the atmosphere of the place. Children will no doubt especially enjoy the toy exhibition where they will discover how radically children's toys have changed over the years. Mothers might gain new appreciation for the many conveniences they now have when it comes to child rearing. Fathers may well appreciate that the average family trip no longer requires a heavily loaded wagon and a couple of days of traveling time! The Historic Richmond Town is a lovely little historical gem. Make sure you don’t miss out on this great tourist attraction!


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