Only as Long as You Are in Sao Paolo Brazil

South America - Editor - 05 February 2007

Only as Long as You Are in Sao Paolo Brazil

You are not allowed to take them home with you, so spend as much time as you can with piranha and parakeets as long as you in Sao Paolo.

No other city can frustrate and beguile you at the same time quite like this gigantic metropolis of Brazil. Sao Paolo seems to stretch for ever, especially when you have that all-important appointment at another part of town during rush hours!

Though life in Sao Paolo can be most stressful, it has some charming attractions as well. Shops with amazing collections of the feared piranha and beloved talking birds are amongst the many unique things which make all of Brazil such a special place. Thanks to the legendary mercantile skills of the people of Sao, the metropolis has a fully representative collection of all that the hinterland of Brazil can offer by way of special wildlife, including the rarest of types and species. A local associate may put you in touch with an enthusiastic collector who has creatures of colors, forms, and talents not to be easily found even in the best stores. However, even the aquaria and aviaries which run with official sanction, have collections with which you can spend many pleasurable hours.

Taking rare fish and birds out of Brazil is a serious crime, and the pictures and photographs at the airport kiosks of Sao and Rio do little justice to the splendor of these magnificent specimens of nature’s voluminous chests. That is why you have to savor all the minutes you can spend in the company of these incredible creatures while you are in Sao Paolo.

The charms of the talking birds are obvious, but what may hit you the most is the resplendent plumage, and the incredible versatility of the sounds the birds can produce. They can be moody creatures, and while given to show off, may not satisfy your curiosity if you appear to be in haste.

Tanks of piranha will leave you spellbound, not just for the razor-sharp teeth, but for their amazing agility, and muscular power as well. Most of the ones you get to see are much smaller than you would have imagined, though that should give you no reassurance about their destructive powers! Some are almost as brilliantly colored as their avian friends, though nature has not designed the majority of them to be conspicuous to their prey.

The Amazon is thousand of miles from Sao, but the metropolis has an astounding collection of the treasures of the forests. All the time that you can spend in their company will stay with you, moment by moment!


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