Ontario Science Center in Canada

North America - Editor - 13 January 2012

Ontario Science Center in Canada

As one of the first interactive science museums in the world, the Ontario Science Center has been educating and entertaining visitors for more than forty years by making the marvels of science accessible to the general public. The center is one of Canada's most popular attractions and has received more than 40 million visitors from around the world since it opened in September 1969. In addition to its hundreds of exhibits, many of which are interactive, the center hosts a program of events to encourage all ages to see the value of science in everyday life.

Children of eight years and under, accompanied by parents or caregivers, can enjoy a multitude of activities in the Ontario Science Center's KidSpark. Features of the park include a water play area that demonstrates the fascinating properties of water through a series of games. By means of shapes, patterns, colors, magnets, mirrors and a host of other items, children learn about the world around us. They can discover how a conveyor belt works and what it can be used for, as well as perform in a music studio and discover how sound and science are related. Science on the Go, Animal Encounters, and Peek-a-boo Science are some of the workshops presented for children.

The IMAX Theater is another popular feature of the center, with films such as Under the Sea and Tornado Alley showing the marvels and mysteries of nature in a larger-than-life format. A sleepover at the Ontario Science Center is something that the entire family can enjoy. The program includes special shows, science activities, interactive experiences, an IMAX film, exploration of the center after dark and storytelling around an indoor virtual campfire.

The fun starts before visitors even enter the state-of-the-art Ontario Science Center buildings, with one of the water-themed activities being the huge hydraulophone located in the outdoors plaza. By blocking the water flow of any of the fifty-seven water jets and causing various musical sounds by means of the resulting water pressure, this unusual hydraulic-action pipe organ can be played by visitors to the center. The Ontario Science Center is the perfect venue for a day of educational fun and adventure.


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