Rainbow Springs Nature Park

Pacific - Editor - 29 January 2010

Rainbow Springs Nature Park

Enjoy a unique wildlife experience at New Zealand’s Rainbow Springs Nature Park and Kiwi Encounter. Situated on 22 acres, east of Mt Ngongotaha, this is a truly amazing destination that the entire family will want to see.

The walkways in Rainbow Springs Nature Park guide visitors through native bush that is typically seen the Rotorua District of New Zealand. Amongst the flora are tree species such as rimu and totara. The paths pass pools, two bird aviaries and the kiwi house, also offering views of the fascinating tuatara. The pools of water contain a large number of trout and patrons will come to understand the life cycle of this remarkable fish. It is interesting to note that the more than two million liters of natural spring water feeding Rainbow Springs each day may have only fallen as rain on Mt. Ngongataha 50 years ago. This is because water soaks into the earth of the extinct volcano, filtering through the rock and finally bubbles out of the spring through an aquifer.

The other main attraction at this destination is Kiwi Encounter, found across the car park from Rainbow Springs. The feature was created after several years of collaboration between Rainbow Springs and the BNZ Kiwi Recovery Trust’s ‘Operation Nest Egg’. This involved finding kiwi eggs in the wild to hatch and raise the chicks in captivity so as to decrease the mortality rate of these lovely birds. Once they have matured they are released back into the wild. The kiwi house has been constructed to resemble the kiwi bird’s natural habitat. Kiwi Encounter Tours will guide you through each stage of a kiwi chick’s life up to its release. The flightless kiwi is truly worth viewing, with its fur-like feathers, brilliant sense of smell and unusual whiskers. Kiwi Encounter is an amazing experience you won’t want to miss.

It is worth noting that from the time you purchase your ticket, you are permitted 24 hour unlimited entry to Rainbow Springs Nature Park and Kiwi Encounter. This means you can view the nocturnal kiwi as it goes about its business. The dark of night adds a magical aspect to the park, which is lit by some 700 colored lights. This is an adventure you will certainly want to add to your itinerary when visiting New Zealand.


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