Rock Drawings of Valcamonica in Italy

Europe - Editor - 17 August 2007

Rock Drawings of Valcamonica in Italy

Valcamonica in Italy was the first location in the country to be named a World Heritage Site. The Rock Drawings of Valcamonica in Italy, also known as Valle Camonica, are found on a large site that covers approximately seventy kilometers. It is not only the rock drawings of Valcamonica that draw so many visitors, but also its breathtaking location.

The rock drawings of Valcamonica in Italy are located in the Alpine regions of the country, named the Lombardy plain. The valley is surrounded by the spectacular beauty of the Adamello and the Stelvio Natural Parks, making the trip to Valcamonica unforgettable. It is said to be the oldest historical site in Italy, with proof of ancient civilizations living here almost ten thousand years ago. The oldest rock drawings have been dated back to 8000 B.C.

Brescian geographer, Walter Laeng, discovered the most significant drawings in 1909. The two carvings that were found by Laeng are located near Cemmo, on the Pian del Greppe. But this was just the tip of the iceberg. There is a large area of Valcamonica that is still waiting to be explored, but so far there are approximately 140 000 symbols, 250 000 petroglyphs and other drawings that have been documented.

Over the ages, it is easy to see how the drawings and carvings evolved together with the civilizations that lived here. Changes in traditions, cultures, beliefs and lifestyles led to the variations in the drawings, such as hunting scenes, religion, wars, magic and agriculture. When comparing the drawings of 8000 BC to 1000 BC, visitors will notice that the simple hunting scenes have evolved to detailed drawings of people, weapons, wagons and even harvesting. Because of the great distances between the various different sites at Valcamonica, visitors should map out their routes and sights that interest them the most. Different sites such as Dos Sottolajolo has the Rock of the Spirits and hunting scenes; Capo di Ponte dates from the Bronze Age; and Cemmo has a wide variety of rocks dedicated to animals such as oxen, deer and foxes.

Visitors that are seeking an attraction that has a rich history and is drowning in spectacular natural beauty, should stop off at the rock drawings of Valcamonica in Italy. It is recommended that tourists and visitors set a day aside to roam Valcamonica slowly and at their own pace. Guidebooks are on sale at the entrance to assist visitors in locating all the drawings and to give a brief description and history on specific drawings. It is a wonderful trip through the ages and a very unique experience.


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