San Sebastian Film Festival 2010

Europe - Editor - 16 September 2010

San Sebastian Film Festival 2010

The capital city of the Gipuzkoa province in Spain is probably not as well-known to travelers as some of the country’s larger cities. With a small population and numerous noteworthy sites to enjoy, tourists who are looking for destinations a little off the beaten track venture to cities such as Donostia to enjoy the sights and culture. But one major occasion sees to it that celebrities from far and wide descend on Donostia, namely the San Sebastian Film Festival. This weekend, kicking off on the 17th of September 2010, Donostia will again be filled with well-known faces and actors.

The festival was given its name in association with the city, which is officially known as Donostia-San Sebastian. Established in the year 1953, the San Sebastian International Film Festival was created to pay tribute to Spanish film makers and bring attention to the films being produced in the country. In the late 1950s the film festival organizers began to include films in other languages and from other countries in their lineup, which has now grown to accommodate approximately two hundred films. A jury is chosen by the San Sebastian International Film Festival committee to determine which films are most deserving of the awards, but the most popular film is determined by an audience. The two most sought after awards of the San Sebastian International Film Festival are the Silver Shell Award and the Golden Shell Award, but top honors go to the winner of the Donostia Lifetime Achievement Award. The nine day festival will honor this year’s winner on Monday 20 September 2010, and in the Best Movie Award category, fifteen movies will be battling it out for supremacy.

Julia Roberts will be receiving the Donostia Lifetime Achievement Award this year at the San Sebastian Film Festival, which will add her name to a long list of previous winners such as Richard Gere and Meryl Streep. Mikel Olaciregui commented on her achievement by saying: “She has not limited herself to playing the beautiful girl, she has taken risks, she has made movies that break with the image of a romantic comedy to play mature roles like Erin Brockovich.”


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