So Much to Discover at the Royal Ontario Museum

North America - Editor - 10 March 2008

So Much to Discover at the Royal Ontario Museum

The concept for the Royal Ontario Museum was born in the twentieth century by a handful of influential people in Toronto. This eager group encouraged the University of Toronto and the Government to sign the ROM Act on 16 April 1912, and the opening of the museum took place on 19 March 1914. Since that first day, the majestic museum has been a monument viewed with pride by every Toronto local.

Originally housing five museums in one building, additions to the collection resulted in the renovations that took place in 1933, 1955, 1978 and 2007. These renovations offered more space, the inclusion of a library, several galleries, more exhibition halls and the opening of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. Today, the museum is a magnificent combination of architectural wonder and spectacular collections.

Some of the breathtaking galleries to explore within the museum include the Hands-On History Gallery, World Culture, Exhibition Spaces and Natural history, totaling over six million items combined. Special exhibitions are also held in the galleries and new exhibitions, such as the American and Asia-Pacific, Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles and Costume and others, are usually available for a Sneak Peak, to increase visitors’ curiosity, encouraging them to return to see the finished project. The Royal Ontario Museum offers other museums and institutions the opportunity to hire some of their Traveling Exhibitions, and therefore sharing their uniqueness with other areas and destinations.

ROM has a field research and conservation division. Onsite laboratory testing and work done by the museum research staff offers insight into the artifacts and items that are located across the world and defines the history of certain countries. Educational programs, tours, lectures and films are all mediums used to not only educate the public and youth, as well as to promote the excitement of learning new things, and providing children and youth with comfortable and fascinating environments to grab their interest and encourage studies.

Over and above the spectacular exhibits and galleries, the Royal Ontario Museum has easy accessibility for everyone, retail shops, special event areas and restaurants. It is a museum that has remained a symbol of pride, and a monument to history, present events and the future.


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