Step into the Past at Dallas Heritage Village

North America - Editor - 04 December 2008

Step into the Past at Dallas Heritage Village

Fancy a walk through time? The Dallas Heritage Village is a great way to not only explore history, but to educate younger generations as to the dynamic past of the city of Dallas and the USA as a whole. It literally makes history come alive as visitors walk through the streets of this replicated village.

The Dallas Heritage Village is situated in 13 acres of beautifully wooded land. You’ll find it’s a short drive south of downtown Dallas and a sharp contrast from the bustling lights and fast highways of the modern day city. The replicated village portrays life in North Texas during the time period of 1840 to 1910. It is a living museum – so guests can walk around in amongst the various buildings and explore the various facets of life back then, instead of just looking at items on display as they would at a normal museum. Costumed interpreters help you to get the most out of your journey, giving you a ‘first person’ interpretation of events and activities in the vernacular of the day as you make your way around the village. There are as many as 38 historic structures in the village. As you make your way along you will find a number of elegant Victorian homes, a school, a church, a traditional Jewish household, a working Civil War-era farm and a number of commercial buildings. Visitors will get to explore the bank, the general store, a law office, a print shop, blacksmith, depot, hotel, doctor and, of course, the iconic saloon.

As opposed to the ‘do not touch’ type of static displays viewed at most museums, visitors to the Dallas Heritage Village living museum will find that they are actually invited to touch and get involved with their environment. For example a visit to the 1861 Farmstead will give visitors the chance to play checkers with ‘Mrs Kennedy’ or help her with her chores. Visitors can also sit down to chat to her about the Civil War, her pets or her beautiful flowers. At each venue opportunities to get all five of your senses involved in the experience help to make learning more enjoyable. To give your experience added edge, the various ‘characters’ that you can interact with during your visit will be able to tell you all about ‘recent’ events relating to the time that they represent as if it happened yesterday. So make a stop at the Dallas Heritage Village and enjoy this incredible historic adventure for yourself!


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