Swimming with Killer Whales in Norway

Europe - Editor - 01 September 2008

Swimming with Killer Whales in Norway

There is no greater thrill, for most people, than to get close to nature. The excitement of being close to a wild animal cannot be compared to any other human experience, especially when the encounter takes place in the open waters of the ocean. Norway has a special guest that you can meet in its waters between the months of October to January – the Killer Whale.

The thought of sharing the ocean with such an amazing mammal is as much terrifying as it is exhilarating. It is a rare opportunity for most tourists, as not many people have ever seen Killer Whales in the natural environment, let alone been swimming with them. But in Norway, visitors are able to book excursions with tour operators to go out onto the ocean by boat to view these magnificent animals. And for the brave, there will be wetsuits and professional divers on hand to take them into a world beyond imagination.

Firstly, even though Killer Whales hunt seals, other whales and fish, they have never been known to attack divers. During the herring period in Norway, approximately six hundred whales descend on the coastline to take advantage of feeding on the large schools of herring. Contrary to general belief, Killer Whales are a dolphin species (Delpinus orca) and therefore not classified as whales. Adult females can grow up to seven meters in length, while males grow slightly larger, to approximately nine meters. They reach adulthood at the age of twenty and can live to about eighty years. Killer Whales generally move in small pods, led by the alpha female and their days are spent eating, travelling, playing and resting. Able to travel at speeds of up to sixty kilometers an hour, Killer Whales can cover great distances at a time.

Most tour operators give can give visitors the choice of swimming or kayaking with the Killer Whales and all children must be a minimum age of twelve years. Those who want to swim or dive with the whales must be older than sixteen and asthma sufferers are unfortunately not permitted to partake in this attraction. Swimming with these unforgettable and majestic mammals leaves most visitors speechless, as it is an experience so magnificent that words are often not found to describe it.

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