Talampaya National Park: Exploring Argentina’s Wild Side

South America - Editor - 28 January 2009

Talampaya National Park: Exploring Argentina’s Wild Side

Nature lovers thinking about visiting Argentina will be delighted to take a trip through the Talampaya National Park. This massive park covers some 2 150 square kilometers of land. It was designated as a provincial reserve as far back as 1975 and was eventually declared a national park in 1997.

Talampaya National Park in Argentina is located in the La Rioja Province. The park is largely situated in a basin between the Sierra de Sañagasta and the Cerro Los Colorados. The basin was carved out the earth by wind and water erosion while the hot dessert climate ensured that the rock was easily weathered away. The same conditions that helped to create the basin still exist today, with incredible heat during the day, cool temperatures at night, strong winds during spring and heavy downpours during summer. Talampaya National Park has long been recognized for its archeological and palaeontological importance, with dinosaur fossils and the remains of ancient indigenous settlements found in the valley. However, it is also recognized for its incredible natural beauty with the abundance of flora and fauna that can be found here. This is a place where you may find maras, foxes and hares scuttling out your sight as you walk the canyon trails, condors circle overhead and guanacos eye you lazily with their camel-like heads. A striking botanical garden will provide you with a fitting introduction to the many different plants found in the park upon arrival at the canyon. Even geologists will find something to enjoy, as the striking rock formations on the sides of the gorge will certainly get their minds buzzing. No wonder this little haven was declared to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000!

Clearly there is a lot to see and enjoy at the Talampaya National Park in Argentina. If you are planning a holiday to this beautiful country soon, you should make sure that you don’t overlook this natural gem. Plants, animals, rock formations, ancient settlements like the legendary Lost City and even dinosaur remains will make sure that the Talampaya National Park stands out in your memory as a highlight of your trip.


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