The Beautiful Basque Coast of Spain

Europe - Editor - 11 September 2008

The Beautiful Basque Coast of Spain

The Basque Coast in the north of Spain features 252 kilometers of diverse and beautiful coastline to explore. Mountains, cliffs, estuaries, nature reserves, historic villages, cities, monuments, museums, and long stretches of soft, golden sand provide the perfect setting for an enjoyable and memorable holiday.

A trip along the Basque Coast of Spain should include a visit to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Located on the banks of the Nervion River, the Guggenheim Museum is home to both permanent and temporary exhibits of Spanish and international artists. While the exhibits are always worth seeing, it is the building itself that attracts the most attention. Constructed out of limestone, titanium and glass, the building is a series of curves and twists which seem to defy the laws of physics and yet are architecturally sound. Also in Bilbao is the Fine Arts Museum, which houses an outstanding collection of 17th century Spanish and Flemish art which is well worth a visit.

The city of Donostia, known as San Sebastian in the English-speaking world, has many interesting places to visit. The older section of the city is scattered with reminders of its long history, which archaeological remains reveals dates back to the Roman era. There are a host of monuments and museums in the city and the stunning beaches provide a variety of water sports and relaxation.

Surfers will particularly enjoy the beaches between the coastal towns of Zumaia and Deba, and nature lovers would not want to miss the Parque Natural de Aiako Harria located along the foothills of the mighty Pyrenees Mountains, and encompassing the towns of Oiartzun, Hernani, Irun, Renteria and Donostia. The varied terrain of the nature reserve includes mountains, gullies and streams of clear, crisp water winding their way to the sea. The forests of oak, beech, chestnut and pine trees support an incredible variety of flora and fauna. The area is of special interest to birding enthusiasts as it supports a large number of permanent residents as well as seasonal migrants.

While there are innumerable fascinating things for visitors to see and do, many agree that what is most appealing about the Basque Coast are the friendly people and their relaxed lifestyle. So when visiting the Basque Coast, be sure to take some time to stop off at the seaside resorts and the little fishing villages, savoring some traditional Basque cuisine at an outdoor café while you watch people go about their daily lives. In this way, you will experience the true joy of a visit to the Basque Coast in Spain.


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