The Beloit International Film Festival

Europe - Editor - 10 December 2007

The Beloit International Film Festival

The first Beloit International Film Festival was held in the year 2006, and the eagerly awaited 2008 Beloit International Film Festival is guaranteed to be an event of magnificent proportions. In a mere three years, the festival has been named amongst the top four of its kind and it has even been suggested that the festival is a great alternative for those who aren’t attending the Sundance Festival. Filmmakers from as far as London and even Seoul have scrambled to get their films entered into the festival, which is keenly anticipated.

On 17 January 2008 the Beloit International Film Festival will kick off, showcasing an estimated one hundred and twenty-five films at nine different venues, securing more convenient access to the festival for the entire community. Some of the screening venues are in theatres, others in restaurants and some in art galleries, and there is something for everyone’s taste and preference. The genres that are exhibited at the festival include classics, short films, documentaries, foreign language films and even animation.

The success of the Beloit International Film Festival has been secured by the careful consideration of venues and the tremendous support that it receives from the public. Being able to see debut films is viewed as a great privilege by most, plus they have the opportunity to attend discussions with the actors and filmmakers, and are able to pose their questions in the evenings. During the day, the festival offers the public an invitation to attend discussions and classes that are film related and hosted by those who are in the industry. The public therefore walks away from this four day film extravaganza with knowledge and insight into the films that have been shown, and regarding the industry as a whole.

Another secret to the success of this event is the enthusiasm of the community. Each year hundreds of volunteers offer their time and services to the festival, ensuring that the festival has enough staff to assist with the smooth running of every event. The community is also supportive of the new initiative that was put in place in 2007, the Scholarship program that assists new and upcoming film makers in the making of their films and the screening of their work.

The selection for the next Beloit International Film Festival is still being made, as films are still streaming in for review. This event is an interactive festival that allows the public to enjoy and be a part of the film industry, and will hopefully inspire new talent.


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