The Buenos Aires Tango Festival

South America - Editor - 16 January 2008

The Buenos Aires Tango Festival

Many tourists travel to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, to experience the magic of the galleries, the energy of the culture, walk through time in the museums and travel along the many majestic country roads, exploring a country that is not only beautiful but filled with the passion of the tango. The erotic movements of the dance were cultivated between the years of 1870 to 1910 in the lower class districts, but were soon discovered by the higher societies and recognized as a part of the culture of Argentina.

In a country hungry for romance, freedom of expression and the hidden passion that remained buried in the heart of every countryman, the tango was the answer. It was a dance of escape, a dance of love and a way of life that captured imaginations and opened the door to new worlds. And Buenos Aires is the heart of the tango culture in Argentina. The Argentine Ministry of Culture hosted the first Buenos Aires Tango Festival in 1999, and it has become a successful and anticipated annual festival. The Buenos Aires Tango Festival was created to celebrate the rise of the tango in the city.

Between the 22nd of February and the 2nd of March 2008, Buenos Aires will come alive with the hypnotic rhythms of the tango and welcome many local and international visitors to the festival. Some of the world’s greatest tango dancers attend the festival and thrill spectators and audiences with their steamy dance moves and accurate execution of dance routines. Throughout the city, at various venues, dance exhibitions take place, spectacular performances are given at the concerts and every night, there are tango celebrations in clubs throughout Buenos Aires kept alive by the sounds of local musicians.

For those who have not been brave enough to attempt the tango, you can attend the different dance classes that are held at the festival. Classes for beginners, masters and even tango instructors are part of the growth and awareness campaign that drives the festival. The Buenos Aires Tango Festival is a dance extravaganza that is guaranteed to get anyone’s hips swinging and feet moving. And if joining the hundreds of dancers on the dance floor is too much excitement, the shows, exhibitions and stage performances will provide more than enough entertainment and breathtaking moments.


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