The Forks – An Educational and Entertaining Attraction

North America - Editor - 20 August 2008

The Forks – An Educational and Entertaining Attraction

To find a site that has remained popular for thousands of years, is a rare occurrence and in Winnipeg, The Forks has evolved and transformed over the years, to embrace new cultures, technology and modernization. Filled with entertainment, attractions, history and leisure activities, The Forks is the pride of Winnipeg and is a popular site with both locals and visitors. It is a place to meet people, spend time with loved ones, buy that special gift or enjoy the company of friends.

Excavation and archeological projects that have taken place at The Forks, has delivered concrete proof of the existence of Aboriginal settlements approximately six thousand years ago. Campsites, artifacts and fish bones have confirmed that the groups living here were bison hunters, long before the Europeans moved in to take advantage of its prime location as a fur trading post and food resources provider between the years of 1738 and 1880. During the 1880’s, grain started to take over as the primary trade product and the trading post began to decrease in popularity. But 1886 brought new life to The Forks in the form of the railway development which took place between 1886 and 1923, and the immigration promotion of 1870 to 1920, also assisted in bringing color and change to The Forks and the city.

In 1988, a Heritage Advisory Committee was established to ensure that the history of The Forks and that of Winnipeg will not get lost as time goes by and changes are made to the area. Their purpose therefore, is to protect and preserve the heritage of The Forks and its resources, promote its history and to participate in any projects and development to ensure that the identity of The Forks is conserved.

Some of the attractions that visitors can look forward to at The Forks includes the Balance of Spirit Within, Peace Meeting Site, Broadway Promenade, The Plaza, Prairie Garden, Riverwalk, Festival Park, Rail Cars, Market Tower, Historic Port, Market Plaza, Wall through Time, Oodena Celebration Circle and the Historic Rail Bridge. Over and above the landscaped gardens, sculptures, restaurants and parks, The Forks also has more than seventy shops to wander through and is host to over two hundred events each year. Some of the annual events that are attended by visitors from all over the country, includes the Casinos of Winnipeg Salsa Sundays, Scotiabank Family New Year, Buskers, Dancing Under The Canopy, Arctic Glacier Winter Park and the Festival of Fools. Performances and entertainment constantly change and provide a variety of fun at The Forks. It is an educational and exciting attraction in Winnipeg and should not be missed when visiting the city.


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