The Jesus Trail in Israel

Middle East - Editor - 10 May 2010

The Jesus Trail in Israel

The Jesus Trail is more than just a hiking experience for travelers and pilgrims; it is a historical and educational glimpse into the life of Jesus, provided by following the route he once traveled. Focusing only on the known locations and Biblical routes, the Jesus trail opens a doorway to beauty and strives to promote understanding and tolerance of different religions and cultures. The trails are also part of a conservation initiative, developing a leave-no-trace approach to discourage the destruction of the trails and of nature.

The main route of the Jesus Trail is the road that lies between the city of Nazareth and Capernaum, which covers a 65 kilometer stretch. This trail takes hikers and visitors through various villages and past noteworthy attractions and interesting monuments. Hikers have numerous options to choose from, such as either taking on the route on a self-guided tour or hiring a tour guide, which is a popular option as guides provide valuable information in regard to sights and points of interest. Along the way hikers will visit locations such as Arbel, Tabgham Zippori, Mount Tabor, Mount Precipice, St Peters Primary, Tiberias, Cana, Sepphoris and the Jordan River. This fascinating and historical adventure also displays the breathtaking beauty of Israel and its magnificent landscapes.

One of the places of interest along this path includes the Our Lady of the Fright Church. The structure is situated near Nazareth on a hilltop, and is the site where Mary stood in horror, watching as a mob escorted Jesus to take his life on Mount Precipice. The Crusader Battle of 1187 is remembered at Horns of Hattin. Appropriately named, this double hill served as the battlefield where the Crusaders were overpowered by Saladin’s army. Another noteworthy site is Sepphoris. During the first century it was Galilee’s administration centre, and is a treasure trove of artifacts, archeological sites and ruins, some dating back to the second century as well. It is also famous for the Mona Lisa of Galilee mosaic and mosaic zodiac. Two fishermen brothers, found what was to become a major historical discovery. Encased in mud, was the remnant of a boat, which was waiting to be revealed for two thousand years. After twelve days of careful excavation and seven years of gradual restoration to preserve the remains, the boat was dated to the first century and named the Jesus Boat. It is also affectionately referred to as the Galilee Boat, and is on display at the Ginosar Museum, along the Sea of Galilee. The Jesus Trail is a remarkable and unforgettable experience, filled with unforgettable historical sites and natural wonders.


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