Tour Staten Island Museum

North America - Editor - 09 June 2011

Tour Staten Island Museum

The oldest cultural centre on Staten Island, U.S.A., is the Staten Island Museum. It is one of the most popular museums in New York, and visitors are able to reach the museum from Manhattan on a ferry. The museum was founded in 1881 by a group of activists who were concerned over the environment. It therefore has wonderful artifacts and pieces of art that date back centuries and includes natural science specimens. The Staten Island Museum is viewed as a miniature Smithsonian institution and is busy expanding its horizons with a new centre.

Visitors can travel back to 1905 at the Staten Island Ferry: The First 100 years of Municipal Service exhibition, where it displays how commuters could pay a nickel for traveling fees and how livestock was transported. Artifacts from the very first ferries have been preserved here, as well as ship models and photographs. In the Hall of Natural Science visitors will be able to marvel at the wonders of nature and its unusual animals, such as a chicken with four legs and a star-nosed mole. Looking at the first inhabitants of Staten Island, visitors can take a leisurely walk through the exhibit named The Lenape: The First Staten Islanders, where a great collection of artifacts can be seen that date back a staggering twelve thousand years.

The museum is dedicated to collecting, researching and preserving the history of the island, as well as educating the public. They have therefore amassed a collection of more than five hundred thousand specimens and artifacts. The collections also include documents, maps, fossils, insect collections and mineral specimens. The Staten Island Museum offers interactive programs for school groups and children, giving them a hands-on experience at the museum.

The Staten Island Museum also boasts a magnificent art and sculpture collection. Ancient world artifacts and historical art pieces have been collected, including Todt Hill’s rendition named Looking Oceanward, as well as paintings by Jasper F. Cropsey. Prints from legendary artists such as Rembrandt can also be viewed. Furniture, clothing and costumes have been collected, embracing the textiles industry from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. The museum will be expanding, with the creation of a new museum located on the Snug Harbor Campus.


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