Tour the American Museum of Natural History

North America - Editor - 07 November 2007

Tour the American Museum of Natural History

Since the American Museum of Natural History was established in 1869, the world has undergone a myriad of changes up to the present day and will no doubt keep changing as technology continues to advance rapidly. Over this period, the museum has played a significant role in exploration, discovery and advances in the natural sciences and what has grown to be one of the greatest museum collections in the world bears testimony to this.

The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw legendary explorers undertaking epic journeys of discovery which yielded a wealth of knowledge, much of it documented and displayed at the American Museum of Natural History. The museum has also been a leader in exploring new theories with regard to the evolution of life. In our day, the museum continues to expand on earlier accomplishments with research, laboratory work, training and a doctoral training program connected to five universities, as well as over 100 special field expeditions taking place each year.

The museum consists of 25 interconnected buildings housing 46 permanent exhibition halls, laboratories and a library with over 400,000 volumes. The museum takes great care to realistically recreate the natural surroundings of the creatures on exhibit, giving them added appeal while acting as an educational tool for the many thousands of young ones who visit each year. Apart from hundreds of permanent exhibitions, which include a suspended life-sized model of a blue whale and the colossal Cape York meteorite, there are featured exhibitions and programs which change throughout the year so that visitors are likely to find something new and interesting no matter how often they visit.

One of the very popular programs aimed specifically at children aged 8 to 12 years, is the AMNH Sleepover, “A Night at the Museum”. This includes an IMAX Theater show of “Dinosaurs Alive” followed by a torch-light adventure through exhibitions such as “Mythic Creatures” and the “Age of Dinosaurs”, which is then followed by sleeping (if you can) in one of the darkened halls of the museum.

Visitors to the American Museum of Natural History in New York no doubt come to appreciate the wealth of knowledge that dedicated people work hard to present in such a way that time spent exploring the museum is both entertaining and educational.


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