Traveling to Switzerland: The Swiss City Gem of Cointrin

Europe - Editor - 22 January 2007

Traveling to Switzerland: The Swiss City Gem of Cointrin

The cabin crew had switched to Mozart when I arose from a rather fitful slumber in my economy seat. I leaned across my wife to take in the spectacular mountains and verdant countryside below. It was not long though, before we were on the ground, and moving without either effort on the silent conveyors from a satellite hub to the main airport building. The giant Piaget billboards made no secret that we had arrived at a fairy-tale destination of elegance, if not paradise itself!

Why should an airport matter? Well, it does for me because I want the best of the worlds of top shopping and easy connections. Cointrin, which serves the internationally renowned and historic city of Geneva, is just right for me, because check in, sauntering around, refreshments, and finding the right boarding gate, are all as seamless and convenient, as the myriad shopping opportunities. It is best though to stick to just windows when it comes to shopping, unless you are a Sheikh, because only the air is free at Cointrin-even basic toilet amenities cost a coin or two!

The rail connection to the center of town is a big plus at this scenic airport. You can nip and out of the city center, even with no more than a few hours between flights. Fortunately, global connections from Cointrin are convenient and operate mainly during daylight hours. It does not matter how tired you may be when you arrive, a stint at this engaging airport is certain to have you refreshed and ready for the next leg of your trip!

You are safe if you allow no more than an hour from the time of leaving a city hotel and a latest check-in time, because Cointrin is pleasantly close to the center of town without disturbing its serenity at all. This contrasts for me most delightfully with the world’s major metros, where commuting to and from airports can take so much productive time away from trips.

One Cointrin short-coming worth arming yourself against, is the paucity of affordable and filling refreshments. Every bite seems to cost a bomb anywhere on the concourse, and there is more variety when it comes to pornography than victuals! You cannot open and eat the duty-free Swiss chocolates, so eat and drink your fill before you venture to Cointrin!


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