Villa Gesell : Argentina’s Seaside Treasure

South America - Editor - 06 November 2008

Villa Gesell : Argentina’s Seaside Treasure

Along the Atlantic Coast, there is one city that is known to almost everyone in Argentina, namely Villa Gesell. It is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the country and with being located a mere three hundred and fifty kilometers from Buenos Aires, it is easily accessible. Villa Gesell has everything to offer tourists, from idyllic weather, exciting activities and numerous attractions; this resort city welcomes thousands of visitors each year, and is one of the destinations in Argentina that is highly recommended.

Villa Gesell was founded in 1931 by Carlos Gesell, and in 1970 it was declared to be an independent city. The breathtaking surroundings comprising of acacias, eucalyptus forests, pine trees and seemingly endless sandy beaches, lure tourist from all over the world and the city is a balanced combination of natural beauty and manmade innovation. Due to the high number of visitors to the city, it has an amazing tourism infrastructure with ample hotels, camp grounds and villas to rent, providing for all accommodation requirements.

During the day, if visitors want to get more actively involved in the attractions in Villa Gesell, there are a variety of activities to look forward to. Volley ball on the beach is a very popular pastime or guests can enjoy the water sport facilities which include fishing, jet skiing, boating, windsurfing, swimming and much more. A round of golf is also available, as is quad biking, and visitors will find a trip to the Querandi lighthouse, the Craftmen Gallery and the zoo, very rewarding.

In the early evening, the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere seems to set with the sun, giving way to nights filled with music, fun and entertainment at any of the bars, nightclubs and theatres that give rise to a vibrant energy that lasts until the early morning hours. It is a city in Argentina that accommodates young and old, the peaceful and the restless, and above all, visitors with a sense of adventure. For a destination that offers relaxation as well as breathtaking natural surroundings and a modern nightlife, Villa Gesell is the place to be.


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