Wonderful Winery Tours in Argentina

South America - Editor - 07 April 2008

Wonderful Winery Tours in Argentina

Argentina is probably better known as an adventurous tourist destination than as a wine making country. Thousands of visitors flock to Argentina each year to experience attractions such as the Thermal Baths in Rio Hondo, the Iguazu Falls, the Train to the Clouds, Cave of Hands, Los Glaciares National Park and others, and to enjoy the various activities such as hiking, swimming, water sports, mountaineering and cycling through the breathtaking landscape. Recently, tourists have discovered that there are wonderful attractions and activities waiting the Mendoza region, such as spectacular vineyards, wine tasting and winery tours.

Winery tours can either be done with a map in hand and a designated driver, or by joining one of the tour operators that specialize in winery tours in Argentina. Either way, it is guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime. Not only are the sights and landscapes tranquil and breathtaking, but the wines made in Argentina are refreshing and extremely dazzling. Tasting the differences between the wines from different wineries is fun and educational.

It is said that there are hundreds of wineries in the wine region of Mendoza alone, with Argentina as a whole having between a thousand to two thousand wineries. Many vineyards have sprung up, using the water that runs from the Andes Mountains to feed their land, supplying the wineries and earning themselves an income. Some of the wineries in Mendoza were established many years ago by immigrants and others have come into existence through a mutual dream. Each winery has its own tale, style and taste, and all of them are waiting to share their wines with visitors.

One such winery is the Familia Zuccardi winery. Don Alberto founded the winery in the 1950’s and developed irrigation systems to such success that he was able to purchase a second winery. Even though his son, Jose Alberto now runs the family business, he is still involved in searching for ways to improve their product and remain one of the industry leaders. Consider too the Ruca Malen Winery that was started in 1998 with the vision and dreams of two men, Jean Pierre Thibaud and Jacques Louis de Monralembert. Together, they used their knowledge to create a successful business that exports its product across the world. Other noteworthy wineries to stop off at include Familia Cassone, Dolium, Bodega Norton, Chandon, Bodegas Lopez, Alta Vista, Viniterra, Bodega La Rural and Bodega Septima.

Visitors will find the winery tours in Argentina to be unforgettable. Their histories and stories, together with their friendly and dedicated approach to educating the public and producing products that can be enjoyed, make every winery unique. And if there is a taste that visitors enjoy, they are able to purchase a few bottles to take home and share their experience with friends and family.


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