Xel-Há Water Park in Mexico

North America - Editor - 02 July 2008

Xel-Há Water Park in Mexico

The Xel-Há Water Park is located along the beautiful Caribbean coastline in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Xel-Há is a major tourist attraction in the Quintana Roo region, where visitors can expect to enjoy hours of fun and adventure, while learning interesting facts about the mysterious underwater world. Xel-Há is named after the pre-Columbian Maya archeological site, part of which falls within the park’s grounds.

The park’s many fascinating features are built around a natural lagoon that is fed simultaneously by the sea, a fresh water river and underground fresh water currents, creating an unusual blend of salty and fresh water. This lagoon forms a natural aquarium with countless little underwater caves and grottos eroded out of the limestone, which is home to an abundance of incredibly diverse marine life.

Through the park’s professionally guided Sea Trek, visitors are introduced to a wonder world beneath the waters. During their under water adventure, using deep sea diving equipment which requires no previous training, visitors can expect to see myriads of colorful tropical fish darting around, with the highlight of the trek being a visit to Stingray City – a colony of docile, friendly stingrays that thrive on interacting with their human visitors.

Dolphins are well known for their intelligence and sense of fun. These exquisite sea mammals are known to surf the waves for the sheer pleasure of the experience. They have a natural nurturing instinct that is displayed in the way they interact with one another, as well as with human visitors in their environment. Visitors are invited to swim with the six dolphins at Xel-Há Water Park, in the freedom of the lagoon. Visitors have a choice of two programs involving the dolphins. Interax allows visitors to interact with the dolphins through a series of games, while Primax is a longer program featuring, among other activities, the well-know “foot-push” where a dolphin propels the swimmer through the water. A swim with the dolphins is an exhilarating experience that is not likely to be forgotten.

Other activities at Xel-Há include exploring the Tulum Ruins, kayaking, cycling through the tropical foliage with colorful toucans and macaws overhead, riding on the Jungle train, and cultural and ecological tours. Visit the fossil encrusted El Dorado Cavern, which bears testimony to the fact that the whole area was submerged at some point in history. Swim in Ixchel’s Gulf, explore the Mayan Cave, marvel at the Chaac Mangal mangrove and the Chacah Garden, taste some honey harvested from the Meliponini stingless bees – the options are seemingly endless. Xel-Há in Mexico is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who visit there.


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