Travel to Brazil in South America

Explore the beautiful country of Brazil

Brazil, a country of diversity and color, has something for every individual. Whether you are sporty, curious, adventurous, intellectual or fun-loving, young or old, Brazil has something to offer you. With its beautiful beaches and forests, ancient ruins and lively cities, Brazil offers you an adventure packed destination like no other.

The towering cement statue of Christ, which arms outspread, has become a symbol of Rio de Janeiro. This is the land of Carnival, of the rhythmic samba and the sunny beaches of the Copacobana. Here you'll find Sugarloaf Mountain, beautiful bikini-clad woman and vibrant nightspots. And as if that wasn't enough, Rio de Janeiro also has cafes, museums, historic sites and neighborhoods, architecture, wildlife and fine dining. What more could you ask for?

Third largest city in the world, few today would guess that Sao Paulo started out as a small mission on a hilltop. Famous for coffee and a multi-cultural society, Sau Paulo just never ceases to amaze. Because Sao Paulo does not have beaches, mountains or forests, its main drive is centered on theatre, entertainment and Shopping. And if you feel like taking time out from these activities, you can try your hand at one of the many impressive golf clubs in the area. Salvador boasts beautiful beaches and the claim to be fast overtaking Rio as the biggest city in

Tiradentes is the perfect place for a little quite time. A quiet little town where time has stood still for years, Tirandentes captivates the imagination and creeps into the heart quite unexpectedly. The town was originally a mining village but after the last mine was closed in 1830, many of its early residents moved away. After being termed a local heritage site in 1938, there was little further development. As a result, the little town of Tirandentes has only a few streets filled with wonderful shops, restaurants and a laid-back pace.

So whether you want cities like Rio de Janeiro or forests like the Amazon, there is no lack of places and things to pique your interest. Brazil has it all.


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