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The Brazilians love to abseil down the canyons, either next to or in the middle of the waterfalls. This form of abseiling near to the waterfalls is a cooling outdoor activity to escape from the heat of Brazil. Two popular places to go abseiling is the Parque Nacional Chapada dos Veasdeiros in Gois and the Cachoeira da Agua Fria.


The northeastern part of Brazil has over 200 deep caves, many of which hasn't been explored yet. Most Brazilians enjoy this outdoor activity over weekends on Saturdays. Brazil has some huge caves, the best known one is the three mile long Gruta Terra Ronca. During certain festivals in August, woman dressed in white clothes make a procession to a large underground lake with offerings of candles and flowers.


Diving is a very popular outdoor activity in Brazil, and with good reason, they have the Fernando de Noronha - a 21-island archipelago. This island is known for its coral, tropical fish manta rays, lemon sharks and amazing rock formations. Note that at any given time, that only 420 people is allowed on this island at a time. Baja dos Golfinhos is known for its abundance in spinner dolphins. Ubatuba near Sao Paulo is a excellent destination for scuba diving, its rich in corals and tropical fish and with little wind the water is crystal clear. Ilha das Couves is known for being the best place to see beautiful corals and do some dolphin watching.

Hang gliding

Hang gliding is becoming a fairly popular past time for the Brazilians. Brazil offers some fantastic and exciting hang gliding spots. Most of them are hovering over a beach, which makes it rewarding to have a safe landing, when you can pop in for an ice-cold beer in one of the beachside bars.


Brazil has an abundance of very well marked walking and hiking routes. Many of the best of these are situated in the national parks. There are many establishments that offer guided walks tighter with an guide with good physical and first-aid experience. Hikes are varied on the travelers level of experience. Note that weather conditions in Brazil can get extremely hot, you should wear cool clothes, use sunblock and drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.


Surfing is a popular past time all along the coast of Brazil. Regular constant wind along the coast makes the conditions for surfing, windsurfing and sailing very favourable. The best waves are in Santa Caterina south of Sao Paulo.


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