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Explore the beatuiful city center of Brasilia

Brasilia is a young town filled with mystery and religious enigma. Inaugurated on 21 April 1960, the city has been an object of praise, conspiracy theories and religious fervor. The construction of Brasilia was commissioned by President Juscelino Kubitschek so that the capital of Brazil could be moved from Rio de Janeiro. Lúcio Costa was the chief urban planner of the project. The head architect was Oscar Niemeyer and the landscape designer was Roberto Marx. Within 41 months the city of Brasilia was built.

Brazil's new capital is now more centralized within the country and thus desegregates the country. Conspiracy theories reason that this was done to keep the government away from the masses. Brasilia was designed with very specific zones with strict limits on what types of buildings can be built. Whilst the city was designed to look like a butterfly, many think it looks more like an aeroplane or a cross. Legend has it that priest Don Bosco had a vision in 1883 of a futuristic city in this location. A cathedral has been named after him.

There are numerous things to see around Brasilia. You may consider car hire in Brasilia due to long distances. Alternatively you can join an organized tour group. Brasilia's Catheral is situated on the central axis and was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Created with a concrete frame and glass roof this fascinating structure will leave you astounded. The Memorial to President Kubitschek is located on the Praça do Cruzeiro and holds a museum dedicated to this visionary.

Brasilia has many natural wonders to explore. Pay a visit to the Brasilia National Park with its diverse vegetation such as that found on the bush steppe of the interior (cerrado). View the amazing gujak tree and aricuri palm. On the other hand there are the impressive gallery forests. You will be awe-struck by the Ipàsroxos and jataÍs. Source streams in the park provide Brasilia with drinking water. Observing the abundant fauna such as birds, capybaras, pampas deer, caimans, jaguars, maned wolves, anacondas and more will prove most enthralling.

Brasilia's hotels are excellent in general and there are a wide variety to choose from. Find out about Brasilia's hotels through the tourist bureau or online. Your travel agent will help you to find a reasonable flight to Brasilia International Airport. Cheap flights to Brasilia are often available online.

Brasilia is a great place to begin your Brazilian getaway. With its beautiful surroundings and modern facilities you will have a fantastic time.


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