Travel to Buzios in Brazil

Explore the beautiful city of Buzios

If you are heading for the resort town of Búzios you will likely fall in love with it just as many others have before you. Armacãco de Búzios is situated at the top of a beach-rich peninsula which just out into the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic ocean. Just a two hour drive north of Rio de Janeiro, it makes for a perfect holiday getaway.

For the most part, Búzios existed as a sleepy little fishing village until 1964s when French model, actress and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot stumbled onto its sandy beaches. With the publicity that resulted, Búzios turned itself from a sleepy little fishing village into one of the country's top beach resorts virtually overnight. However, despite the influx of Brazilian celebrities and locals from other cities over the holiday months, the town has somehow managed to keep its small village charm.

Búzios boasts over twenty beaches where you can experience anything from fine sand to rocks or enjoy activities such as sunbathing, surfing snorkeling and canoing. Most of the beaches have cafés or beach bars where you can buy very affordable drinks while showing off your tan. Local law prohibits buildings taller than two stories and the architecture is kept traditional making the town very picturesque. At night you will find plenty to do in the form of live music shows, night-clubs and bars. There is much more on offer in this beautiful little fishing town - so much that you will find a holiday more than a week long soon filled up with all kinds of leisurely activities. Book your ticket to Búzios now to enjoy one of the most relaxing and romantic destinations in Brazil.


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