Cities in Brazil

Explore the vibrant cities of Brazil

Brazil is a country of diversity and a kaleidoscope of color. No matter what your interests Brazil will keep you busy. The vibrant cities of Brazil offer much in the line of entertainment and activities. Brazil is a land of mystery and intrigue from the dark Amazon to the wild night life. Hotels in Brazil offer excellent service and are of an immaculate standard. The people of Brazil come from a large variety of backgrounds and are open to people of all cultures. 97.2% of visitors to this beautiful country say that they intend to return soon. Your holiday in Brazil will be a truly unique experience; one that you will never forget.

Rio de Janeiro is most well known for the Christo Redentor, the Statue of Christ with his arms outstretched at the summit of the Corcovado Mountain. The people of Rio de Janeiro thrive on dance, sun, sport and drink. This Brazilian city has much to offer the more decadent traveler as well as those traveling on a budget. Aside from the party lifestyle of the festivals and night clubs, tourists can enjoy historical and natural sights. Many buildings feature amazing architecture of the past intermingled with modern sky scrapers. There are many outdoor sports to enjoy, whether it is surfing on the stunning sea or hiking through the natural forest. This city beats with amazing rhythm and is not to be missed.

Sao Paulo is the largest city in South America. This energy-filled city attracts tourists because of its amazing culture. Sao Paulo is truly cosmopolitan and thus offers a wide variety of sights, sounds and tastes. Check out the gorgeous beaches and then join in the late night entertainment. Keep an eye out for demonstrations of the local martial art called capoeira. The rhythm and gymnastic moves of this sport will keep you mesmerized. Why not visit one of Sao Paulo's 5 theme parks or the Interlagos Racetrack. There are 102 theatres, 70 museums and 11 cultural centers to explore in Sao Paulo. Enjoy Sao Paulo's energy as you tour Brazil.

Salvador is a city well known for its gorgeous beaches as well as its colorful culture and architectural heritage. Culture, food, religion and music in Salvador have had many influences. Dance is part of life in Salvador as you will experience as you enjoy the night life. Places of interest include museums, old mansions, churches, markets and so on. Salvador's popularity has increased as numbers attending the Carnaval have increased. A favorite activity in Salvador is diving. The underwater world is amazing and will be a unique experience. Salvador will be your favorite holiday destination.


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