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Brazil's population is a racial mix of native Amerindians, Portuguese, Africans, Italians, Spaniards, Germans, Syrians, Lebanese and Asians. This has created a national cooking style marked by the preservation of regional differences.

The north side of Brazil is heavily Indian-influenced, using ingredients such as dried shrimp, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, okra and palm oil. This region includes a large part of the Amazon rain forest, thus they have great quantities of fish, fresh vegetables, tropical fruits, peanuts and jams available.

The northeastern region is a dry semi-arid region, popular for their cattle ranches and fertile coastal plains, some economical important ingredients such as , sugar cane and cacao grow here. This region's cuisine is mainly influenced by their availability to products, they use many dried meats, rice, beans, goat, manioc and corn meal. Tropical fruit, and many varieties of seafood are also often served.

The western area of Brazil consists of dry open savannas and prairies, this is one of the finest game and fishing regions on earth. Pork, beef and fish from the ranches of this region dominate their menus, along with some harvested crops of soybean, rice, maize and manioc.

The southeastern region is famous for its beans and vegetables as well as meat products such as pork, beef and local soft ripened cheeses. However this region's cuisine has many influences from German, Italian, Asia, Portugal and India so there is a possibility of all kinds of dishes.

The southern region's cuisine includes dishes made with sun- or salt-dried meats and BBQ's. The European immigrants introduced leafy vegetables, wines, and dairy products to this region.

Generally the staple foods that are used by the Brazilians are, beans, manioc, coconuts, dried seafood, rice, limes, and a huge variety of available tropical fruits and vegetables.


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