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Due to the large number of influences it has had, the Culture of Brazil is very diverse. Though they may have eaten the first Bishop to arrive and attempt to teach them, most Brazilians practice the Roman Catholic faith,. There is a bit of animosity between Catholics and Protestants. There are not many mutually exclusive religions with many members worshiping more than one god at the same time. There are also a lot of who are virtually agnostic.

It was during the government of GetĂșlio Vargas in 1930 that the country started to gain a sense of nationalism. He instituted Labor Day and promoted the celebration of Independence Day and Republic Day. In 1939, Carmen Miranda, who was actually Portuguese in origin, made her way to Hollywood and became the face of Brazil. Many national heroes such as Tirandentes sprung up during the military dictatorship of 1964 to 1985. And in the last two centuries there have been dozens of Brazilian artists who have become renowned for their magnificent artworks. Gilberto Gil also started the music movement known as Tropicalismo.

Because of the diverse nature of the country, you will likely find that each region has its own cultural differences to explore. In addition to this, some states in the same region might also have interesting cultural differences. Generally speaking, those in the Northern states tend to live somewhat rural lives and rely on traders only for medicine and some foods. They live according to a hierarchy and survive by making use of what they find in the river and natural surroundings. They practice ancestral worship and deify certain elements of nature.

Those that live in the Northeastern states tend to live in a sort of feudal system. Land owners have the upper hand and those who are not so fortunate are generally quite poor. While materially poor, the region has produced some sculptors, painters and writers who have strongly influenced the rest of Brazil's culture. In the Southeastern regions you will find the culture that is more typically considered to be Brazilian. Famous for its artists and musicians, you will be able to find wonderful traces of this legacy throughout the region.

To the South you will find a strong Germanic and Italian influence. The region was strongly influenced by European immigration and you will even find an annual celebration of the Oktoberfest here. Home to super model Gisele Bundchen and the gaucho cowboy culture, the Southern regions have a lot to offer. The West Central region is the main source of the country's grasslands. It has a strong agricultural culture and is the main home of the Brazilian cowboy.

As you spend time amongst these people, you will notice three main things - they are seldom on time, they are not ethnically challenged and they are big on coffee. In Brazilian culture, it is normal to drop all appointments in order to entertain guest as it would be considered rude to do otherwise. This is the reason why Brazilians are not always on time. Because of their very intermingled racial relations, most Brazilians have no racial discrimination but rather base their system on financial or social classes. You might also note that the Brazilians drink lots and lots of coffee - especially in the mornings. Coffee is a strong part of their culture and you can spy a young couple sitting side by site at a restaurant enjoying their morning coffee just as easily as you can order your own cup of delightful Brazilian coffee.


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