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Brazil is located in the Eastern South region of America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Land Area

Brazil is slightly smaller than the U.S. and stretches over an total area of 8,511,965 sq km, which 8,456,510 sq km is land and 55,455 sq km is water. Brazil has a total coastline of 7,491 km.


Brazil's climate is mostly tropical, but it is temperate in the south.

Natural Resources and Hazards

The main natural resources in Brazil is bauxite, manganese, gold, nickel, iron ore, platinum, tin, petroleum, uranium, hydropower and timber. Some previously experienced natural hazards are recurring droughts in the northeast and floods and occasional frost in the south.

Population and Employment

Brazil has a total population of 186,112,794 (July 2005 est.) inhabitants, with a average life expectancy at birth of 71.69 years. It has a total labour force of 89 000 000 people that are mostly occupied in agriculture 20%, industry 14% and services 66% (2003 est.). Brazil has a fairly high unemployment rate of 11.5% (2004 est.).


73.6% of Brazil's population are Roman Catholics, 15.4% are Protestants, 1.3% are Spiritualists, 0.3% are Bantu/Voodoos, 1.8% have other religions, 0.2% are unspecified and 7.4% have no religion.


Brazil has a green flag, with a large yellow diamond in the center bearing a blue celestial globe with 27 white five-pointed stars, one for each state and the Federal District, arranged in the same pattern as the night sky over Brazil. The globe has a white equatorial band with the motto "order and progress" on it.

Agricultural Products and Main Industries

Brazil's main recognized agricultural products are coffee, wheat, corn, cocoa, beef, citrus, sugarcane, rice and soybeans. Its main recognized industries are shoes, textiles, cement, iron ore, chemicals, lumber, steel, tin, motor vehicles and spares, aircrafts and other machinery and equipment.


The capital of Brazil is Brasilia with a total population of 2,250 000 (2004 est.) people.

Time Zone

The time zone in Brazil ranges from GMT -2 hours to GMT -5 hours. The zone that is most visited by tourists is GMT -3 hours.


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