Travel to Fortaleza in Brazil

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Fortaleza

Brazil's sunny city of Fortaleza, with its fabulous beaches, vibrant culture and energetic nightlife, is a vacationer's dream.

On 2 February 1500 Vicente Pinzón (Spanish) arrived at Mucuripe's cove. He named this land Santa Maria de la Consolación and so Fortaleza's history began. Discovery of the area was never official however. In 1649 the Dutch built Fort Schoonenborch, but later on the Portugeuse annexed the fort calling it Forte de Nossa Senhora da Assunção. A village began to form around the fort and today is Brazil's Fortaleza.

Brazil's Fortaleza is a city where the party never ends. Praia de Iracema (Iracema Beach) is a hub of activity with numerous bars and restaurants. The Estoril contains several restaurants as well as an exhibition gallery and the Ponte dos Ingleses with spectacular views. A must is the contemporary Cultural Center Dragão do Mar. Another awesome beach is Praia do Futuro where large numbers of bathers can be found. Enjoy a meal at one of the lovely beachside restaurants. On a Thursday night, this is the place to be, as you listen to live music, have something to eat and join in the forró (dance). The beaches maintain their charm as you watch the jangadas (rustic rafts for fishing) which bring seafood delights to the shores. At Praia do Meireles and Praia do Mucuripe you can hire a saveiros (a type of sailing boat). You'll have a wonderful time visiting normally inaccessible coastline. Two water parks, Iguape and Porto das Dunas are located just a few kilometers from Fortaleza.

Mercado Central is another of Fortaleza's fantastic attractions. Shop amongst 600 stalls selling anything you can imagine. You are certain to find the perfect gifts for family and friends at Mercado Central. Look out for stunning lacework, embroidery, ceramics, leather goods and medicinal herbs.

Several fascinating museums are dotted around Fortaleza. The Museu de Arte e Cultura Populares or Museum of Folk Art and Culture at the Tourist office features a grand collection of artworks as well as other relics. Other museums of interest are the Museu Historico e Antropologico do Ceará, the Center for the Preservation of Railway History and the Museum of Art of the Federal University of Ceará.

There are many hotels in Fortaleza which will suit your budget. Check out reviews on Fortaleza's hotels before deciding where to stay. You may consider car hire in Fortaleza so that you can get around to the various attractions along the coast. Find out about Fortaleza's car hire at the tourist bureau. Find out from your travel agent about flights to Fortaleza's Pinto Martins airport. You are certain to find a good deal on a flight to Fortaleza.

Why not visit this vacationer's paradise where you can enjoy days filled with sun and nights filled with bright party lights.


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