Travel to Natal in Brazil

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Natal, Brazil

Brazil's Natal, situated on the Atlantic coast at the Potengi river mouth, is increasingly growing in popularity amongst tourists.

Cape Sao Roque near what is now Natal was first discovered by the Portuguese in 1501. The Europeans however, never set up a permanent settlement here and it remained the residence of the Potiguar tribe. On 6 January 1598, construction began on the Fort of the Holy Kings/Magi to coincide with the feast of the Epiphany (a celebration of the three wise men).

Natal was founded just outside the fort on 25 December 1599, its name meaning "nativity". The economy subsisted mainly on cattle farming until the 1900s when the salt and petroleum industries were formed. Natal began to flourish and soon became recognized as a great tourist destination.

Renowned for its vast white beaches, Natal attracts tourists from around the world. Natal's most popular beach is Ponta Negra. Numerous Natal hotels are sited at the beach front offering stunning views. Enjoy a stroll along the 4km sunny beach towards the Morro do Careca. Avenue Erivan Franca is where the fun happens with bustling bars, sumptuous restaurants, stores and clubs. The urban beach of Praia do Meio has recently received some attention with the government providing well-lit roads, playgrounds and sports facilities for all to use. Praia do Forte, nearby, has quiet waters guarded by the reefs. This is a great beach for swimming and windsurfing. Praia dos Artistas features the Chaplin nightclub where you can dance the night away. Southwards you will come across Pirangi, home to the world's largest cashew tree. These are just a few of the fantastic beaches you can visit.

There are many attractions in and around Natal. Considering its influence on Natal, the Fort of the Holy Kings is a must. Designed with as a five cornered star and built out of stones, sand, wood and whale oil, this is truly a fascinating historical building. The structure which houses the Tourist Office was built in the late 1800s and was used as an orphanage and then as a prison. Inside you will find handcrafts, a resturant and the Forro com Turisa (folkloric show). Visit the Aquarium and observe the sea creatures including sharks and penguins. Check out the Centro de Lancament de Foguetes Barreira do Inferno, a rocket launch site. Explore Natal's various museums to find out more about its history.

Natal caters well for tourists with fantastic hotels, lovely restaurants and an efficient tourist office. Depending on where they are positioned, Natal's hotels vary in price. Look online for reviews on hotels in Brazil's Natal. Some families rent holiday flats in Natal, others may purchase one for regular visits. And why not? Natal is an amazing destination.

From extensive beautiful beaches to a lively nightlife with a dash of historical heritage, Natal is without a doubt an unforgettable city.


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