Travel to Alegre in Brazil

Explore the vibrant city of Porto Alegre

Located at the juncture of five of Brazil's rivers, particularly beside Guaíba Lake, Porto Alegre was settled in 18th century by Azorians. Originally it was named Porto dos Casais. The city was only officially founded in 1809. Porto Alegre has now become a vital industrial hub for southern Brazil. It is also the nucleus of the Gaúcho (natives) culture and history. Due to immigrants from around the world Porto Alegre has become a truly cosmopolitan society.

Jump right in and get to know this amazing city. There are so many things to see and to do, that you will never be lacking inspiration. A boat trip on Guaíba Lake will give you a fresh perspective. Boats depart from the Tourist Dock and sail to small islands with lovely beaches where you can relax and have a swim.

Discover Gaúcho culture at one of the many centers in Porto Alegre. Various programs are offered at the different centers. Enjoy music and dancing performances whilst feasting on local dishes and sipping chimarrão (green tea). The Mário Quintana Cultural Center is set in the Majestic Hotel with its contemporary architecture. Here you can wander through a record library, book library, reading room, video club and performance hall. Watch films based on the poet Mário Quintana and purchase his books.

Spend a relaxing day at the Parque Farroupilha. This 32 hectare park features the church of Santa Terezinha cradled amongst the lush trees. Stroll beside the lake or visit the small zoo. There are also sports facilities for athletic individuals. A market called Brique da Renção is held each Sunday morning. Browse through the second-hand and antique goods for sale. Also located in the lovely park is the Museum of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force. Learn about Brazil's efforts in World War Two whilst viewing weapons, photographs and uniforms.

Porto Alegre is also well-known for its glitzy and energetic nightlife with an abundance of bars, clubs and resaurants. Most places open pretty late, so don't expect an "early" night. This wild nightlife will keep you up until the early morning hours.

The prices of rooms in Porto Alegre's hotels vary greatly depending on what you are looking for. From luxury to budget, you will find the right hotel in Porto Alegre for you. You can find out about flights to Porto Alegre's airport online or through your travel agent. There are many great deals on flights to Porto Alegre.

Brazil's Porto Alegre should definitely be added to your list of places to visit. Whether you want to relax on a river boat or in a beautiful park or want to explore other cultures and experience the vibrant nightlife, Porto Alegre has it all.


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