Travel to Porto Seguro in Brazil

Explore the lively town of Porto Segura

Porto Seguro is the birthplace of Brazil as we know it today. Portuguese navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral landed on a stretch of beach in April 1500. He named it Porto Seguro meaning "safe haven". Porto Seguro quickly became a bustling port for the new Portuguese colonies.

Today,Brazil's Porto Seguro is a popular tourist destination. Renowned for its stunning beaches and energetic nightlife, the good times never end in Porto Seguro. The pure beauty of the area is certain to leave you breathless. With about 100 beaches set against the backdrop of the rainforests and richly coloured cliffs, Porto Seguro is a destination not to be missed. Check out the trendy beach-side dance floors where you can listen to Brazilian axé and forró. At Terapuã beach the excitement never ends with shows, dance lessons, water sports, paragliding and helicopter flips. Those looking for more tranquil surroundings can laze about at Curuípe, Mundaí and Itacimirim. Rio dos Mangues beach is a mangrove area with small cool pools. Take a long stroll along the practically deserted Ponta Grande or Mutá beaches.

The most lively spot in Porto Seguro is Passarela do Álcool or Alcohol Catwalk. Party all through the night at one of the many bars.

Porto Seguro is also a town filled with history. The Marco da Posse is a marble monument commemorating Portugal's occupancy of Brazil. Upon the monument the royal seal and the cross of the Order of Christ has been engraved. It arrived in Brazil from Portugal in 1503. The Ingreja da Misericórdia constucted in 1526 is Brazil's oldest church. Inside you can observe artwork of the Mater Dolorosa and the Christ of Compassion. Within the church of Nossa Senhora da Pena of 1535 is an effigy of Saint Francis of Assis, Brazil's oldest religious icon. Pay a fascinating visit to the Ruins of the Colégio dos Jesuitas originally founded in 1551. Before the ruins visitors can enjoy native dance as well as capoeira presentations.

There are numerous fantastic hotels in Porto Seguro where you can rest after a busy day or night. From ultimate luxury to comfortable accommodation you will find a hotel in Porto Seguro to suit your needs. Your travel agent will be able to inform you on prices of flights to Porto Seguro. You can often find great deals for flights to Porto Seguro online.

Brazil's Porto Seguro is a city where the good times roll on into the early hours of the morning, a city where you can soak up the sun and the vibrant Brazilian culture.


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