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Salvador is known for sunny skies, beautiful beaches and an island-studded bay. It is also known for a wonderfully diverse culture and rich architectural heritage. In more recent times, Carnaval has become bigger than ever here and the surging interest the sport of Capoeira has resulted in enthusiasts flocking to Salvador's shores in search of great talent.

After the small bay was discovered and a colony established here, it didn't take long for a small army to be dispatched to protect the bays natural resources from the French and Dutch. The sugar cane industry soon shot up and along with it came the importing of slaves. This resulted in two main things. The first was an amazing wealth of churches and mansions which wealthy plantation owners had built. The second is that the approximately 80 percent of modern day Salvador inhabitants having Afro-Brazilian descent. This mixed heritage of Portuguese, Brazilian Indian and African has also had a large influence on Salvador's culture, food, religion and music.

If you plan to spend time enjoying Salvador's nightlife, you will no doubt encounter the Afro-Brazilian dance style known as axé. The music is energetic with the ever-constant beat of drums. You may find some in the club using their Capoeira skills as a dance form to show off their talent. During the day you may visit museums, restaurants, old mansions, churches, craft markets and village squares. You can also while away some time on the beautiful beaches.

For a long time, it seemed that Salvador had been somewhat forgotten by the rest of the world. But this has all begun to change. Money has been pouring in and new roads and airports have been built. Neighborhoods are under restoration and new showcases of the local talent are being designed and established. Salvador is set to become the biggest Carnaval site in Brazil - bigger even than Rio. Currently over a million people join in the festivities in this city every year.

When you find yourself facing a Sunday morning after a hard night's entertainment, you may well do what the locals do... take it easy. The streets are generally empty on a Sunday and there isn't much more to do other than relax and enjoy yourself. What more could you ask for from a holiday destination? Salvador is the place for you.


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