Transport in Brazil

Transport in Brazil

By Plane

Air travel is a very important factor for a country the size of Brazil. Brazil has 3 581 airports. The principal international airports include the Campo Grande Airport, the Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo, the Rio de Janeiro Airport, and the Guararapes Airport in Recife. Varig Airways and TAM airways are Brazil's international airways, they serve Brazil with daily flights in and around the country.

By Train

Brazil has limited rail services, with links to Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Traveling by train is not very popular in Brazil. However there are a few international routes that include Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro to Santiago, Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo to Montevideo, Sao Paulo to Bauru to Corumba to Santa Crux to La Paz, and Sao Paulo to Antofagasta.

By Bus

The local and international bus services in Brazil are very comfortable, efficient and affordable. The only downside is that all routes are very long, it takes a long time to get from point A to point B. You must have lots of time on your hands if you're planning to see Brazil by bus. Bus tickets can be purchased ahead of time with reserved seats. Most buses have air conditioning and some of them have seats that can recline completely flat.

By Car

Brazil has an abundance of car rental companies, although they are very expensive and the traveling distances in Brazil are huge. Brazilian drivers are aggressive and parking spaces are almost non-existent. Within Brazilian cities, car rentals are only for the bold and foolish.

By Taxi

Most taxis in Brazil are fitted with red number plates and have fare meters. They are normally easily accessible, but it can be a problem to find one during lunch hours and during the evening rush hour. Taxi fares for cabs hailed in the street are payable in accordance with the meter. All meters should show the precise fare to be paid in local currency. Most of the main hotels have 24-hour taxi ranks near by.


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