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The second largest country in the world in terms of land area, Canada covers most of the northern parts of North America. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the United States. Much like the United States Canada, as we know it, began life as a handful of British and French colonies. Prior to this, native aboriginal peoples had inhabited the land.

Canada’s history and subsequently its political systems and its culture are somewhat different from the rest of North America. Firstly – and perhaps most notably to tourists – there is a widespread French influence on the country’s culture. The people here are more reserved than their more southerly counterparts. Whilst enjoying the wilderness surrounds of North America, a walk down one of the streets in the larger cities has a somewhat European feel to it. Meals in Canadian restaurants are different and French is one of the official languages of the country so it is widely spoken here. In addition to these more noticeable differences, the government is a federal constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. This is because while the United States fought for their independence from Britain, Canada chose to save lives and negotiate the terms of their independence. As a result, Canada now recognises Elizabeth II as Queen of Canada, but the government takes the form of a parliamentary democracy.

Canada is an extremely beautiful country with a rich, natural environment and strong cultural ties. While it may not enjoy the hottest climate, its well-developed economy ensures that houses and cars are well heated and that malls provide hours of well-insulated entertainment. Of course, the weather is not always bad here and when the sun does come out, it only adds to the dazzle of this picturesque country. Book a flight to Canada today!


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