Canadian Cuisine

The Cuisine of Canada

Canadian cuisine has developed from numerous influences but retains its own distinct flavor. As a vast country cuisine in Canada varies in the different regions. But in general modern Canadian food is a blend of modern techniques and fine Canadian ingredients.

Traditionally meals from the English areas of Canada are similar to American and British cuisine. French Canadian cuisine is characterized by the delicate flavors of France. Fresh ingredients as well as preserves form an integral part of Canadian cuisine. Home-made, healthy meals are preferred amongst most Canadians. Immigrants into the country as well as imported foodstuffs continues to contribute to the development of Canadian food. When in the west of the country influences for Ukraine, Scandinavia, Germany and Poland can be noted in the meals. Cuisine in the Arctic is founded on traditional Inuit cooking and the use of wild game. Canadian Chinese dishes are enjoyed throughout the country. In fact, the Chinese smörgåsbord originated in Vancouver during 1870.

As with most country's, Canada's cuisine also developed out of available ingredients. Typically ingredients in Canadian dishes include duck, rabbit, mussels, salmon, caribou, blueberries, Saskatoon berries, wild rice, cheese, maple syrup and local wines.

When visiting Canada, why not try out some of the local dishes, you are certain to enjoy the original flavors. Below is a list of some of the best known dishes in Canadian cuisine.

Ginger beef – deep fried candied beef
Peameal bacon or Canadian bacon
Tourtière – meat pies from Quebec
Pâté chinois – Canadian shepherd's pie from Quebec
Sauteed winter greens
Habitant yellow pea soup
Fiddlehead ferns
Roasted root vegetables
Pemmican – concentrated food with meat, berries and rendered fat
Montreal smoked meat
Cheese curds
Oreilles de Christ – smoked pork jowls that are deep fried
Oka cheese

Jam busters – jam doughnuts
Apple pie – served with Cheddar cheese
Whipped Soapberry “Indian ice cream” - a kidney tonic
Bumbleberry pie
Butter tarts – can have raisins and pecan nuts
Nanaimo bars – Canadian chocolate squares
Beaver tails – a fried dough
Persians – think of a cinnamon bun crossed with a doughnut and covered with strawberry icing


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