Travel to Chile in South America

Explore the incredible country of Chile

Incredibly beautiful and serene, Chile is a place where you can enjoy a number of attractions with the relative luxury and good company. From towering volcanic peaks in the Andes to old forests and legendary islands, you will likely find something for the whole family to enjoy.

Situated on the Western side of the South American coast, Chile's long and unusual shape amazingly manages to provide a number of environments, attractions and views. The main reason for this countries slender shape is the high rising walls of the Andes mountain range. There are still more than fifty active volcanic peaks here which give the beautiful Andes a life of their own. Though narrow, Chile is incredibly long - it spans more than half the length of the South American continent. This means that it shares its borders with several other countries and at the same time, that it has a wide range of geographical features as diverse as glaciers and mountains of Patagonia to the hot sands of the Atacama Desert. The Chilean Patagonia is a sight in itself - a place of silent, eerie statues carved out by the elements. There is also the Lake District - a place where you'll find large bodies of water, beautiful flora and a colorful people.

Off Chile's coast, lie a few islands. Easter Island is perhaps the best known of the lot - world famous for its large and unusual stone sculptures called the Moai. Also fairly well known is Robinson Crusoe Island - the place where a man called Alexander Selkirk was marooned for four years. The Robinson Crusoe story was based on the adventures of this sailor and the island was then renamed for the story.

There are a few notable cities in Chile which are worth a visit. Puntas Arenas is the southern-most city. It overlooks the Straights of Magellan and has a long and challenged history - one closely associated with the trade route situated right at its feet. It's a colourful and charming place, much like the city of Concepcion but be careful not to visit in the summer. You maybe blown off your feet - quite literally as gale-force winds howl through the city. If you'd like to adopt a more refined approach to your trip, Santiago, Chile's capital, may be more up your alley. While offering you the comforts of modern city living, various attractions such as ski centers, museums, archeological sites and vineyards can all be reached with only a short drive from the city. If culture is what you are after, Temuco or Vina del Mar might be the perfect choices. Besides offering you a great place to explore the Lake District, Temuco is the cultural center of the Mapuche Indians. It's also a wonderful place to engage in a range of outdoor activities.

Be it hiking, skiing, rafting, biking fly-fishing or simply sight-seeing, Chile has it all. A visit to this hospitable country will likely be cherished for ever.


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