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Skiing and Snowboarding

Chile's ski season starts around June/July and generally lasts until September/October, which is very favourable for people who live in the southern hemisphere. Chile provides some world class skiing opportunities as illustrated by the fact that the Austrian as well as American national ski teams regularly use our slopes for their summer training. Some of the ski areas excitingly starts near Santiago and works their way down the Andes mountains to the bottom tip of Chile.

Horseback riding

There are some spectacular horseback riding places to choose from in Chile. You can either take a long ride along the beach or gallop along a beautiful lake in the forest, or go through the national parks and see the waterfalls, or go out into the dessert hills and pretend you are a cowboy in the Old West and then go down alongside a river in the green valley below. You can see the real untouched parts of Chile on a exciting horseback ride, an experience you will never be able to have from the window of a tour bus or a taxi.


Chile has some spectacular spots for fishing, whether you like to fish for fun or if you are really serious about fishing, Chile has it all. Many outdoor activity magazines consider Chile as the world's best place for fishing, and with good reason, Chile has a wide range of fresh and seawater fish that goes together with beautiful landscapes. Fortunately, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you can come to Chile in the summer, that will offer you the chance to fish all-year-round.


In the southern region of Chile, you can find some of the best places in the world for rafting, some of the most exciting adventures. The pristine rivers of the Araucania Region, The Lakes Region and of Patagonia offer every type of trip imaginable. There are companies that offer either half days trips or multiday trips. They also offer great equipment and rafts to rent as well as experienced guides.

Mountain Climbing

Chile is blessed with a huge mountainous area, enough to make any mountain climber's dreams come true. The Andes Mountains, the Altiplano, and the numerous volcanoes in Chile, provide some of the best mountain climbing spots in the world. Chile has so many mountains that you can decide whether you are in the mood for strenuous climbing or just a nice hike with the family or friends.


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