Travel to Arica in Chile

Explore the historically rich town of Arica

Picturesque and relatively warm all year round, Arica is a good place to go for a vacation. The city is also known as 'The City of Eternal Spring' for its somewhat continuous spring like seasons. These mild and dry weather conditions combined with almost warm waters have made Arica into a favorite year-round beach resort. However there is more to Arica than good weather an lovely beaches.

Arica, Chile, is situated at the foot of El Morro. Historically the town was an important trade center for products which were exported from Chile's interior. While its role trade has declined somewhat, you will still find that the Quechua and Aymara Indians often come to the city to sell their traditional, handcrafted items. Arica also serves as a major transportation center for the country with international air links to Bolivia and Peru - so it will likely be quite easy to organize a flight to Arica if you are visiting from another country.

Besides a couple of great bathing spots and some lovely Arica hotels, the city has quite a few attractions worth viewing. The beautiful hill of El Morro is a national historic monument. It features an open-air museum and stunning views of the city of Arica, the ocean and, on a clear day one can even spot Atacama in the distance. In the city itself you will find the San Marcos de Arica churce which was designed by the same man who built the Eiffel tower. Not far from town you will find the Museo Arquelogicò San Miguel de Azapa. The museum gives and excellent history of the area and features a collection of Incan mummies found in the sands of Atacama. Arica is also the best known starting point for guided trips into the Atacama Desert.

Why not book your stay at a Arica hotel? Or, if you are a bit low on cash by the time you head to Arica, cheap hostels are available. It may just be the sort of destination you were looking for.


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