Travel to Concepcion in Chile

Explore the beautiful city of Concepción

Located just next to the Pacific coast, Concepción is Chile's second largest city. Its position along the Bio Bio River means that it is surrounded by immense natural beauty. There are many parks, forests, lakes, wildlife and birds which can be enjoyed just a short trip out of town. However Concepción or Conce - as it is sometimes called by locals - is not just a place of natural beauty; it is also an important commercial and educational center in the country. Concepción is home to once of the main ports in Chile as well as a large naval base. It also has some of the biggest coal mines in the country. If you visit the naval base, you will be able to enjoy a tour of the Huascar battleship which was instrumental in the defeat of Arturo Prat during the Pacific War.

There is a lot to do in Concepción. You might start with a simple tour of the town beginning with Independence Square. This plaza is centered around a beautiful pink fountain which is topped with a statue of the goddess Ceres. The plaza is surrounded by leafy trees making it the ideal spot to stop and take in a meal while escaping the heat of summer. Also worth visiting in the city are the many museums which house interesting displays on a variety of subjects. The campus of the University of Concepción is also quite interesting. If you enjoy gambling, there are local horse races where you can place your bet. You might also enjoy taking in a meal and watching the locals go about their daily activity.

Once you tire of the town, you might choose to rent a car and head for the hills. There is an abundance of natural beauty just waiting to be explored. There are many hiking trails that thread their way through the national parks that are located just outside the town. Animals, birds and plants are abundant in this area so no matter what aspect of nature you enjoy most, you are sure to find something to captivate your attention here. You can also drive along the coast and stop to explore some of the beautiful beaches which you will find here. If you prefer to do things farm-style, there are a few farm lodges available just outside of Concepción where you will be able to enjoy local cuisine, fine wines and good accommodation. Some lodges also offer the chance to hike, ride, play golf, relax or visit the nearby national parks.

Because Concepción is located near a coal mine, a visitor might enjoy a trip into the infamous "Devil's Whistle". The mine is so named for the way the wind whistles through the tunnels. A tour through the mine will give you a feel for the dark conditions that coal miners work in all over the world as well as a better appreciation for this natural resource. It is clear that a Concepción is well suited to care for visitors who are looking for an idyllic and relaxing holiday with a touch of historical interest and an abundance of natural variety. If this is what you are looking for, book your ticket to Concepción today.


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