Chilean Cuisine

Explore the delights of Chile cuisine

The Chilean cuisine consist of a wide variety of traditional dishes, because it has influences of six different gastronomies: the Spanish, the native Indian, the French, the German, the English and the Italian.

Anything and everything grows beautifully in Chile. Dishes with more vegetables and less meat are typical of Chilean cuisine. Most traditional Chilean dishes consists of the fruits of the ground and the sea. Chile has an abundance of seafood, mussels, clams, and urchins, oysters and scallops and salmon, are just to mention a few, the list is almost never-ending. Almost everywhere, excluding towns deep inland, you can find fresh seafood. The predominant dishes often come with rice and feature clams, mussels, sea urchins, Chilean sea bass and abalone. Meat dishes tend to be Spanish-based with local modifications.

Some very popular Chilean dishes include, Humitas (boiled corn paste wrapped in corn husks), Locro (a meat dish or stew with potatoes and vegetables) and Charquican (a dish with vegetables and dried beef). Empanadas are probably the most popular dish or snack in Chile, they are turnovers usually filled with meat, cheese or shellfish, they are delicious and can be found almost everywhere. Another loved dish is Pastel de Choclo, a beef and chicken pie topped with a sweet corn mixture and baked in an individual clay pot. The making of a Pastel de Choclo usually goes together with a special social gathering of friends or family.

Some interesting drink that are enjoyed in Chile are Navegado - heated red wine with slices of orange and sugar and Chilean cocktail - pisco, lemon juice and sugar, one egg white, sugar - shaken together. An interesting fact is that Carmenere red wine is easily accessible in Chile. The Carmenere grape variety was originally only planted in the Bordeaux region of France, but it became almost impossible to find due to a Phylloxera plague in 1867. Luckily this grape variety was imported to Chile in 1850 so it wasn't wiped out completely. Until recent times this wine was mistaken for Merlot until its true identity was rediscovered.


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