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Discover the natural beauty of Osorno

Chile's Osorno is wonderfully situated beside Río Rahue. The diverse landscape includes lush farmlands and natural beauty typical of the Patagonian region. Osorno's location makes it a popular tourist destination.

Established in 1553 by Pedro de Valdivia, a Spanish conquistador, Osorno was fist known as Santa Marina de Gaete. This settlement was deserted and in 1558 García Hurtado de Mendoza refounded the town naming it San Mateo de Osorno. Osorno was ruined after attacks by Araucanina Indians in 1602 and lay desolate for years. Toward the end of the 1800s German immigrants restored the town and it began to flourish when a train station was built.

Osorno has an abundance of fascinating attractions both in and around the city. Plaza de Armas de Osorno is the city's emerald gem. Stroll along a promenade covered over by the luxuriant greenery of the lime trees. Make your way to the Museo Municipal where you can view exhibits related to the military and natural history of the area as well as archaeology. Also to be observed here is a stunning fountain with bright lights and famous canelo tree originally planted by Gabriela Mistral a poet from 1938.

Explore Osorno's many historical buildings such as Iglesia Catedral San Mateo Apóstol a cathedral where large concerts take place. Palacio Consistorial is the seat of local government. Fuerte Reina Maria Luisa is a fort dating back to 1793. There are a number of houses of famous individuals built many years ago scattered throughout Osorno.

Fera Ganadera de Osorno is Chile's biggest cattle market. You will find it most interesting viewing the animals for auction in the corrals and watching the auction. Feria Libre de Rahue is a local produce market. Sit down for a meal at one of the restaurants in this charming setting.

Besides the wealth of activities in Osorno itself, there are many interesting places to visit in the surrounding area. Termas de Puyehue is a great place if you are looking for somewhere to ease away life's stresses. At theses hot spring baths you can enjoy relaxing in natural springs or in sulfur and mud baths. Termas Aguas Calientes is another hot springs complex featuring 16 tubs and 2 swimming pools. Other places to visit are Maicolpué (beach resort), Museo de Autos Moncopulli (automobile museum), Puacho (Huilliche Art Fair venue), Lago Rupanco (natural lake region) and Purranque (Fiesta de San Sebastián held here).

There are numerous hotels in Osorno. Osorno's hotels offer great service, excellent facilities and a friendly atmosphere.

Osorno is city that will leave you with unforgettable memories. With stunning surroundings and so much to do, Osorno is a holiday destination not to be missed.


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