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If you're planning a trip to Chile's stunning Lake District, you might want to consider Temuco as a starting point for your travels. The city is located 670 km south of Santiago and enjoys a lot of activity due to its position near the many lake-based resort centers in the region. Temuco means 'temu water' which was the name given to a herbal tree used by the Mapuches Indians to cure diseases. While the tree is perhaps lesser known today, the beautiful waters which can be found in the surrounding area definitely serve to heal tired and stressed bodies and minds.

Temuco, Chile, was founded in 1881 as a military encampment but started to take on the appearance of a town just a year later. By 1888 the first city officers were elected and by 1895 Temuco had a population of 7 708 people. The city continued to grow at a phenomenal rate and today is stands proudly as one of the newest cities in the country. This reputation has more to do with the modern infrastructure, the current architecture and the continuous growth than the city's actual age. Temuco has the largest department stores in south Chile and a number of fine universities which further help the city to progress. However, while most people who come to Temuco might appreciate all this, it is really the beautiful blue lakes situated in the surrounding region that they visit for.

There is a lot to do and see in the surrounding regions that will keep you busy for days. For starters Temuco is the cultural center of the Mapuche Indians and you will be able to enjoy shopping for traditional Mapuche crafts at the Mercado Municipal and Feria Libre. You can also learn more about the town at the Museo Regional de la Araucania. Ă‘ielol Hill is a great place for a picnic or peaceful walk. If you're looking for something a bit more adventurous, you can arrange to go mountain biking, skiing, hiking, boating, rock climbing or even windsurfing. A must see is the Parque Nacional Conguillio, a nature park which features a number of walking trails designed to take you through a variety of environments so you can gain a better understanding of the region. The park is also home to the still-active Llaima volcano which last erupted in 1994. The Conguillo National Park is perhaps most famous for the rare araucario or 'monkey puzzle tree', a protected species which can live as long as 1000 years.

You might choose to investigate car rental in Temuco as the drive to the park and thought the surrounding areas is incredibly scenic and you will likely want to stop along the way to take photos. As far as accommodation goes, there are plenty of great Temuco hotels where you will be able to rest your head in relative luxury. Book now and enjoy the wonders of Temuco and the Lake District!


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