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Like Thumbelina, the heroine of native son Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, Denmark (population: 5,370,000) has a marvelous personality jam-packed into a tiny body.

Situated between Sweden and Germany, the country is the geographic and cultural bridge between Scandinavia and continental Europe, made up of the Jutland peninsula and the islands of Zealand, Funen, Lolland, Falster, and Bornholm, as well as some 400 smaller islands, some of which are not populated. With its Viking past behind it, Denmark now has one of the most inclusive social welfare structures in the world, and open-minded immigration policies have diversified the former standardized population.

Copenhagen, Denmark's capital with a population of 1,800,000 combines all the famous fairytales of swan ponds, gingerbread houses and little mermaids with the cosmopolitan style, world-class museums, and around-the-clock nightlife of Europe's largest cities, all the while maintaining a friendly, distinctly Danish charm.

After Copenhagen, Arhus with a population of 280,000 is Denmark's second-largest city. Arhus states itself as the world's smallest big city. It and the city of Aalborg have small-town charm and a lively downtown, many find that its laid-back student and cultural center fits just right.

Odense is the third largest city in Denmark with a population of 145,554 inhabitants, and what's more is that it is the capital of the island of Funen. Most tourists are attracted to Odense because it is Hans Christian Anderesen's (fairytale writer) home town. When visiting Odense you will most definitely have to pay a visit to the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and view some interesting things about his life and his fairytales.


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